What is Piatrovica?

Festival of Traditional Folk Culture PIATROVICA was founded in 2011 as an annual event. Its participants have the opportunity to learn the basics of Belarusian folk dances, sing folk songs and meaningfully join the celebration of the local holiday, Piatrok, July 12. The festival is based on the idea of ​​ learning folk culture by immersion into it.

The main forms of the project activities are:

Dance school – series of thematic workshops by a famous choreographer Sergey Vyskvarka.

Workshops on singing – series of thematic workshops and voice training practices by a famous musicologist, artistic director of the folk group “Varhan” Volga Yemialyanchyk.

Crafts and decorative art classes – practical knowledge transmission from the authentic bearer to his successor.

Calendar-ritual holiday – an ancient custom of celebrating the holiday in a certain way, the preservation of which is important.

Guest Fair – traditional common celebration of important local holidays, special for visiting relatives, neighbors in other villages.

Where& when?

Dates: 09.07.2019 – 13.07.2019

Location: Luban, Minsk Dist., Belarus


Whom we are waiting for?

The festival team work hard to organize the “plugging in Belarusian traditional culture” for everyone who has thirst for ethno.

We are waiting for individuals and groups who are ready to live in tents, eat plain but tasty food, dance 5-7 hours a day, learn traditional crafts and have fun in a real Belarusian village.


                                                            Why you need to join us?

Belarusian traditional culture is living in the village. Still in XXI century. Yes, we have modern technologies, computers and developed urban areas. Nevertheless, a man’s soul searches for harmony and wisdom that the Belarusian traditional culture can provide. To learn it – try to live it!

We aim to help modern people to feel, to learn and to understand traditional way of being, its values and treasures. As we believe that awareness and respect to your own and to foreign traditional cultures is the base for better mutual understanding both at interpersonal and international levels.

For sure, today we are able to create something new using traditional technologies, ex. furniture, clothing, songs etc. But to transform and use you should learn it first.


What’s in the program?

You may become a villager for 5 days: get up with the sun, learn Belarusian social dances and learn singing traditional songs, relax in the сountryside and dance until late at night.
We believe you benefit from such a lifestyle, meet lots of awesome people and take part in many interesting activities.

As it always were, the major part of the day you dedicate to dance and singing classes.  Besides you would learn the traditional ways of mowing and harvesting, taste traditional  home made bread and beer…

The final event of the festival is local holiday Piatroc, with its rites,traditions, songs and dances.

Interested? Contact us:

E-mail: piatrovica@gmail.com

Skype: Kukharenka Anastasiya

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211665479205810/

 Youtube: piatrovica